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Property Insurance Claims

Not all insurance companies respond immediately to property damage claims by sending an adjuster to review property loss and damages. The appearance of an adjuster on site can take several days or weeks. There are instances where property loss is desk adjusted by insurance company personnel who have not been on site at all.

We have worked with skilled, experienced adjusters who are always prepared for on site assessments. They ask questions and review damaged areas, taking comprehensive measurements and collecting data from specialized meters. Competent adjusters are objective and professional in assessing property damage.

We have also seen independent adjusters who are unprepared and reluctant to investigate property damage thoroughly. Only rudimentary measurements are collected and no supporting data is recorded to substantiate property damage. In those instances, the insured are often left with unpaid balances for abatement and restoration work on claims that have not been assessed properly.

Consumers have resources available to them. The Maine Bureau of Insurance offers electronic complaint forms
as well as a printable paper version http://www.maine.gov/pfr/insurance/documents/pdf/ComplaintForm_PC.pdf .

Insured consumers are also offered recourse via litigation, demanding payment for losses incurred as the result of property damage. The State of Maine is diligent in its efforts to afford protections to insured consumers as illustrated by Court decisions.

Ultimately, it is the insured’s responsibility to record a complete history, including all conversations with the insurer and independent adjusters, from the time damage is discovered/reported until claims have been paid. Ethical adjusters and insurers will provide correspondence documenting authorized coverages and repairs. Inclusive recordkeeping during an insurance claim will help to protect the interests of all parties.