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Invasive Destructive Fungus

Meruliporia, a fungus that can devastate structure, is becoming more commonplace in the northeast. Once thought to survive exclusively in southern climates it has been found in colder climates, including in Maine. We have one or two projects, annually, that require meruliporia eradication.

“Poria” can infiltrate cracks and crevices in a structure; however, once it is discovered it can be eliminated. Our dry ice removal process, combined with thorough drying, using commercial drying equipment to remove excess structural moisture creates an environment that will not sustain meruliporia. Dry ice blasting effectively removes the substrate from wood in angles, cracks and crevices and will blast into the porous surface of foundation materials e.g. cement, fieldstone, and brick. Thus eradication is thorough. Meruliporia will not survive without moisture; it is extremely sensitive to heat. In addition to eliminating the destructive poria it is essential to deny structural moisture intrusion by correcting structural deficiencies.

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