Maine’s Mold Remediation Company.



Mold & Water Damage

We’ve had a number of water damage projects over the spring and summer. There have been instances where municipal water has overflowed from the deluge of rain and there have been well overflows as well as flooding streams and rivers. Water damage that is not mitigated quickly and thoroughly can lead to mold contamination and loss of personal property as well as structure deterioration.

The key to effective water damage mitigation is thorough drying. Mold requires a moisture source to proliferate and drying removes the moisture. We have a complete inventory of commercial heaters; units that are powered by electricity and a 3000,000BTU indirect-fired heater that is powered by fuel. It is not uncommon for power outages to delay drying since electrical powered units can’t be utilized. We have equipment to manage practically any circumstance.

Whether damage is caused by mold, water, or a combination of the two we’re prepared to help you.