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Mold Prevention

The best way to prevent mold growth is environmental control. Reducing humidity and denying mold the water necessary for growth is essential. Mold is a generic name for fungi. Fungi produce spores that are released into the environment in large quantities. The spores will germinate in a hospitable environment that provides moisture and an organic nutrient source.

Once growth is established and patches of mold are visible it is imperative to remove the visible growth and treat surrounding materials to prevent future mold growth. Moderating environmental conditions, especially indoor humidity levels, is the key to preventing mold growth. Monitor spaces for cleanliness and clutter. Be sure that building ventilation and insulation are adequate to allow air circulation without moisture accumulation. Be sure exhaust fans are ducted to the building exterior, discharging warm, moist air outside. Address leaks and water damage immediately to prevent mold growth.

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