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Avoiding Water Damage

Snow storms are occurring and temperatures are dropping. Frozen pipes cause a lot of property damage. Winter months are busy with travel for holidays, school vacations, and trips to warmer climates. There are a few chores that will protect your property from water damage caused by frozen pipe breaks whether you are present or away.

  • Leave the furnace on while you are away.
  • Have professional maintenance on your heating unit to be sure it functions properly.
  • Be sure ducts are clean.
  • Replace or clean furnace filters regularly.
  • Insulate exposed plumbing pipes with pipe insulation.
  • Consider using a temperature/freeze alarm to monitor unoccupied property.
  • Ask someone to check your property in your absence.

Water damage must be repaired without delay to minimize loss. It is vitally important to identify the broken pipe(s) to prevent continuing damage. Preparation is the key to water damage prevention. A few chores now will eliminate a lot of work later.