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Criterion Theater Bar Harbor

The Criterion Theater in Bar Harbor will reopen Friday, May 1st. We were very pleased to be part of the restoration project. Rob Levin of The MDI Islander had a piece about the Criterion in this week’s edition- “We’re just so excited to get people in the building, other than the workers and us,” Jazz Festival President Michael Boland said Tuesday. Renovations began in November 2014 after the festival group received an anonymous $2 million donation to buy the building and begin fixing it up. The first step was to bring in Eastern Mold Remediation to undo years of water, mildew and mold damage. During a recent tour, it appeared those efforts have been a resounding success. The inside air is fresh and clean, without a hint of the moldy odors that plagued the building for years. A number of other projects have been underway since, and just about all of them will be done by opening night. The theater’s carpets were torn out and replicas made from the original 1930s print reinstalled. The white and black tiles out front have been replaced with red and black tiles, which Boland said are more historically accurate.

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