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Mold & Air Circulation

It is imperative to maintain air-flow through building rooms. Mold grows in environments where there is elevated humidity, accumulated moisture, and insufficient air circulation.
It is not uncommon to find small spaces harboring mold growth contained within a larger building serviced by efficient, functioning, HVAC.
Closets and attics are commonly adversely affected by obstructed air-flow. Typically used as storage, it is not unusual for those spaces to be packed tightly with contents. Closets are problematic due to a lack of ventilation, thus moist air is trapped and mold thrives. It is advisable to improve closet air circulation by keeping contents off the floor, using wire shelving and to promote air circulation by leaving 2-3 inches of empty perimeter space between contents and ceilings/walls.
Attics function primarily as building ventilation and should not be used as storage spaces at all.