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Mold Myths and Risks

Household mold and mildew growth, in small amounts, is not unusual. In fact, mold spores are present in nearly every environment. Mold growth may be a concern when there are high concentrations of mold spore in the air or if there are significant amounts of visible growth. Not all mold exposure is a human health threat.

Only a health care practitioner is qualified to determine if an individual will be or has been adversely affected by mold and fungi. Mold remediators are not qualified to assess human health risks; not in specific terms as they relate to individuals, and not in broad terms regarding possible medical consequences. Mold remediation involves correcting conditions contributing to mold growth, following a proven method to eliminate growth and spore concentrations, and providing customers with information to maintain an environment that will prevent future mold growth. Mold remediators are contractors in business to address indoor environments, not to predict human health risks.