Maine’s Mold Remediation Company.



Spring Maintenance Checklist

Commercial and residential buildings will benefit from early maintenance before summer weather arrives.

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts to be sure water flows freely away from building foundations.
  2. Reseal exterior woodwork- fences, pergolas, sheds, and trellises should be inspected and included in the process.
  3. Check for pest infestation and associated damage- small animals, e.g. mice and squirrels, as well as insects ants, termites, and wasps can present problems and cause damage.
  4. Roof inspection/repair and exterior painting will help to preserve building envelope integrity.
  5. Chimney inspection, as well as window and skylight inspection will help prevent leaks and water damage.
  6. Attics and basements shouldn’t be overlooked, particular attention should be paid to sump pumps and roof ventilation. Mold growth will flourish with elevated moisture.
  7. Sprinkler and irrigation systems should be inspected for necessary repairs/replacement.
  8. Dehumidifiers and AC systems will benefit from service and filter changes.
  9. Window and door screens should be inspected for replacement and repairs.
  10. Retaining walls, walks, and driveways may have been damaged through the winter months.
  11. Landscaping, particularly trees and shrubs, may require attention after harsh winter conditions.