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Eastern Basements, a division of Eastern Mold Remediation.
Wet basement and crawlspace solutions for a drier, cleaner, healthier indoor environment at a reasonable price.

As part of our plan to bring effective solutions to our customers, our services include basement and crawl space encapsulation. Our basement system consists of a dry basement encapsulation that will greatly improve wet basement conditions. IMG_8660
We encounter wet basements and crawl spaces weekly. Many systems do not supply effective basement waterproofing protection.
Our wet basement system is a comprehensive offering of precision workmanship combined with quality materials and equipment. We use a complete line of basement moisture control products utilizing the No Water System , made in the USA. IMG_1110IMG_8657

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Preventing water vapor from rising through a building from a dirt crawl space or basement floor is fundamental in keeping basements and crawl spaces dry. Wet basements cause problems. Basement waterproofing controls moisture vapor and minimizes damage in wet crawl spaces and basements.

We have the knowledge, commitment and experience to provide effective solutions in basement waterproofing and crawl space repair. Call us to schedule a free consultation (207) 667-9909. Remember, healthy indoor air quality begins in the basement.

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