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Disaster Restoration

Recent years have brought considerable natural disasters and subsequent damage to American properties. The FEMA website offers a lot of information for preparedness, to save lives and reduce property losses, in the event of a natural disaster.

Dry Ice Mold Removal

We’ve had tremendous success in dry ice mold removal. Ice blasting does not leave debris or residue. When the process is performed correctly, it is superior to traditional methods of mold removal, leaving mold contaminated surfaces looking like new. Dry ice blasting removes a fine layer of material, which typically includes the established microbial growth beneath the visible surface. Unlike sanding and other messy time consuming methods, dry ice blasting is time and energy efficient. Once the dry ice blasting procedure is complete, the affected surface is treated with antimicrobial solution to prevent future microbial growth.
Our process includes a complete array of safety equipment.

Mold and Water Damage Blog


We’ll be adding our blog page in the near future; writing about our insights, industry innovations and technologies, and providing resources and links that will help you better understand how to control commercial and residential environments.

Stay tuned…

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