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COVID-19 Disinfecting & Cleaning Services

Eastern Mold Remediation Uses Approved Disinfectants (EPA-REG84526-6) To Kill The Pathogens That Cause Infection.

Commercial Buildings & Residences – Dental Facilities – Schools – Universities – Nursing Homes – Day Care Facilities – Clinical Testing Laboratories – Long Term Care & Assisted Living –  Prisons & Correctional Facilities.

Halo system used for COVID-19 clean up in Maine

The HaloFogger FLX is the leader in disinfection and infection control.

Infectious pathogens may be found where people are found: homes, worksites, stores, churches, medical buildings and many other places. Pathogens can be found on any surface within a space.

You can’t see which surfaces hold infectious germs so it is critical to use a disinfection method that is not limited in its effectiveness.

Our preferred disinfection method combines the unmatched performance of HaloMistTM, a 5% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with the HaloFogger®, a dry-mist dispensing unit that distributes the disinfectant to reach every exposed surface in a space, going beyond the reach of disinfecting sprays and wipes.

HaloMist Effectively Combats A Wide Spectrum of Common Viruses Like The Norovirus, Influenza and now Sars-COV-2.

Consider These Benefits

  • Bleach and PAA Free. No Wipe No Rinse Residue Free Formula.
  • Treatment of multiple rooms with one fogger unit.
  • Non-corrosive Disinfectant formula provides excellent
    material compatibility.
  • Affordable disinfection services that can be
    tailored to meet all budgets.
Maine Covid-19 Disinfecting guidelines provided by Eastern Mold Remediation of Maine
Cleaning and disinfecting will be performed in alignment with CDC Interim Recommendations
Technicians follow a protocol for meticulous cleaning and adhere to strict PPE utilization standards.
Service work scope is specific to customer requirements.

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