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Mold Stopping A Sale?

Mold growth and disclosure does not have to stop a purchase and sale. Mold exists everywhere on the planet. It is part of the natural environment.

Small isolated areas of mold do not require professional mold remediation. It is not uncommon to find mold on windowsills or in bathroom areas as the result of condensation. Professional mold remediation is recommended for areas that cover more than 10 square feet but it is not always necessary. We frequently inform property owners of maintenance recommendations that eliminate the conditions leading to mold growth; work they can do themselves!

It is not at all uncommon to discover mold in basements, crawl spaces, and attics. Buyers and sellers should not be dissuaded or dismayed by mold in those areas.

Visible mold growth does not typically require lab analysis. There are isolated instances where analysis may be desired; in general, if mold is visible, removal methods are standard.

Misinformation is prevalent on the internet. We do not promote fear based marketing tactics. Mold may cause sensitivity in some individuals; people with health concerns should consult with a health care provider. Mold remediation contractors are not qualified to dispense medical advice.

Moisture Accumulation

Mold growth indicates moisture accumulation. It can be a useful sign of elevated humidity, plumbing leaks, or water intrusion. Once the moisture source is identified and corrected and mold is removed, it will not recur as long as the environment is managed effectively. Eliminating mold growth begins with controlling interior building conditions and following a simple maintenance routine.

Need Profesional Help?

If professional mold remediation is necessary it is a process that takes a few days, usually 3-5 days from commencement to completion. It is rare that occupants are displaced for the duration of the work.

We provide objective assessments and a free initial site inspection. We never scare buyers or sellers. We’re experienced and honest. We’ve earned the trust of property owners, home inspectors, realtors, and a variety of building contractors statewide. Our business is locally owned and operated. Your buyers and sellers are not going to be ripped off and the deal is not going to die if you refer them to a reputable company.

We often receive calls from new property owners requesting documentation of mold remediation work completed. If you have a listing, and we’ve completed mold remediation on the property for your seller, make sure you have documentation from us describing the completed work. It will save the buyers future time and effort and we’re happy to provide a description.

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