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Referrals and Recommendations

We’ve all heard horror stories regarding work that hasn’t been done correctly and completely. The best source for referrals and recommendations are people you know and trust. When we see contractors who provide quality work we’re happy to promote their businesses to our customers. The same is true for them when they offer referrals to us. Always ask for references, reputable businesses are happy to provide them.

Mold Removal

Kathleen Parrott, PhD presents guidelines in identifying mold and the water source contributing to it, as well as a common sense approach to mold removal in this resource for mold remediation offered at  the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Mold removal and remediation can be addressed incrementally, focusing on one step at a time, until the contamination has been removed.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

There are situations that require comprehensive indoor air quality testing. We provide limited, initial, indoor air sampling services but we do not provide clearance testing once we have completed mold remediation work. You are welcome to call us for a referral.

We recommend a reputable firm, staffed by qualified, experienced, environmental scientists and engineers. It is imperative to engage the services of a competent, credible, firm for final air quality clearance testing. Credentialed professionals offer the highest level of integrity and proficiency in expertise. Never hesitate to ask for references and proof of insurance, including errors and omissions insurance.

Researching the consulting firm, prior to testing, will provide confidence in the abilities of the professional hired to provide indoor air quality testing on the air you breathe.

Dry Ice Mold Removal

We’ve had tremendous success in dry ice mold removal. Ice blasting does not leave debris or residue. When the process is performed correctly, it is superior to traditional methods of mold removal, leaving mold contaminated surfaces looking like new. Dry ice blasting removes a fine layer of material, which typically includes the established microbial growth beneath the visible surface. Unlike sanding and other messy time consuming methods, dry ice blasting is time and energy efficient. Once the dry ice blasting procedure is complete, the affected surface is treated with antimicrobial solution to prevent future microbial growth.
Our process includes a complete array of safety equipment.

Mold Remediation

The American Industrial Hygiene Association published a formal position, dated March 26, 2013, on mold and dampness in the built indoor environment, which states specifically:
“Three recent, high quality, systematic reviews of the available evidence concluded that the implementation of interventions that combine elimination of moisture intrusion and leaks and removal of moldy items help to reduce mold exposure and respiratory symptoms and new onset asthma.(4,5,7) This position has also been taken by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and many State governments (8), Health Canada(9,10) and internationally by the World Health Organization(11).

Based on this evidence, the position of AIHA is that persistent dampness and mold damage in the non-industrial workplace, including schools and residential housing, requires prevention, management and effective remediation. If visible mold is present, it should be remediated, regardless of what species are present. Such actions are likely to reduce new onset asthma, lead to savings in health care costs, and improve public health.”

Mold and Water Damage Blog


We’ll be adding our blog page in the near future; writing about our insights, industry innovations and technologies, and providing resources and links that will help you better understand how to control commercial and residential environments.

Stay tuned…

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