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Investigating Insurance Company Profits

Maine insurance adjusters, are generally honest and credible. NPR is broadcasting a shocking and informative investigation of gross malfeasance under the flood insurance program, which the U.S. taxpayer subsidizes if there are not enough funds to cover large scale catastrophic losses. Sept. 20: Business of Disaster Who...

Prevent Water Damage & Mold Growth

Routine maintenance inspections are the single most crucial element in preventing water damage and mold growth. Look for condensation and wet spots from the attic to the basement. Maintain living areas; clean kitchens and bathrooms regularly, do not allow unused organic materials to accumulate and dispose of...

Insurance Advice from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports published the following regarding insurance companies' approved contractors: "Richards thought he could rely on the insurer’s approved contractor. But he says the contractor did shoddy work, didn’t get proper permits, and took three months to finish work that was supposed to take three weeks...