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Water Damage

Immediate Drying

The one crucial action in successful water damage mitigation is immediate drying. Drying cannot be overemphasized in successful water damage mitigation. It is essential to begin the drying process as soon as possible and to continue drying until all building materials have acceptable moisture content, within recommended standards.

Part of the dry-out includes removal of wet, damaged, contents and materials. Every project will have some items that cannot be salvaged. Drying quickly and completely will minimize the loss. Water, organic building materials and contents provide hospitable conditions for microbial growth; mold. It is imperative to try to prevent mold growth as a result of water damage.

Quick & Efficient

Our staff is trained and experienced to work quickly and efficiently to limit the extent of water damage. Roof leaks, pipe breaks, plumbing leaks, well and sewer overflows are only some of the causes of water damage we have been called upon to clean up.

Industry Leading Equipment

Our full array of commercial equipment, including a truck-mounted Hornet 25 with optimal extraction capability, allows us to manage water damage effectively.

Our indirect-fired air heaters provide consistent drying and exceptional results. The units have proven very useful in circumstances where electricity is not available.

Preventing Mold Growth

We have a standard protocol to prevent mold growth once the initial water damage has been corrected. Our approach is focused on returning the property to a pre-loss condition as soon as possible. Water damage may be a crisis but it doesn’t have to be a disaster.

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